THE MONGOLE EXPERIENCE © A 16-day journey through the heart of the LAND of THE CELEST SHAMANS

Flo kardinal

Flo Kardinal aka Flo White Wolf is a choreographer and shaman, she has been working for 20 years in the field of Art and Human Resources, She works upon the Transe and the Wheel of Medecine. The artist creates within the TIR GROUPé Company. She founded the Art and Shamanism curriculum ©: LES DANSES DE LA CHAMANE ®™ Flo Kardinal is self-taught, she connects to the language of the body in the sense of her connections She conducts artistic and pedagogical actions with various institutions, and creates the protocol around tools of creation LA SECOUSSE LIBRE ®™ During her tours she often travels to Africa where she connects to magic. She was introduced to native American medicine especially the Apaches. In Mongolia, she meets Enkhtuya who offers to come and learn the rituals of Mongolian shamans On this occasion she goes through a strong initiation in the forest with her guides and ancestors where she wanders alone. This quest for impromptu vision will make her engage even more deeply in the path that is also hers that of the healers.


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