THE MONGOLE EXPERIENCE © From July the 28 of June to July 18, 2022 /A 16-day journey through the heart of the LAND of THE CELEST SHAMANS

A heart collaboration with my friend Bujin Lkhagvadorj interpreter and guide , who has worked with teams of French researchers and assisted great doctors as part of the interpretation at their workplace, shaman’s little daughter, Bujin has a great respect for the work I do and those who will come to share the 15 days in immersion. She took special care to ensure that the basic shamanic intent was respected and set everything in place with the Mongolian team.

In the footsteps of the origins. Connect with the wheel of 101 CIELS and the shamanism of the Ancestors.A unique journey that I imagined and set up in consciousness with my Mongolian friends. A large team of Shamans and healers, Tibetan nuns, Mongolian steppe nomads, drivers…and the team.

Rituals, trances, accompanying meditations around your celestial connection and the wheel of the Ancestors. Accompanying great shamans: Myagaa who will welcome you to his sacred place in the Songino Khairkhan Mountain around the RITUEL DU FEU and will open up our knowledge of the symbolism and history of the shamans’ costume. Enkhtuya the great shaman of Lake Khorvsgol who will receive us in his camp in the sacred mountain and will surely perform divination rituals. All these precious teachings are done by the subtle fabric of being .


In the wild part of Terejl National Park, in the heart of the Mongolian steppe and with the animals, we will meet the family of nomadic herders who will share with us a few days with their yachs, their horses, in their yurts. We will communicate with the people of Mongolian horses, we will go for a walk in the steppe, you will share tasks like milking, this is the period when there will most certainly be small yachs and foals. I think it’s important to get closer to indigenous peoples to understand the specific shamanic connection they have with Nature, it’s a great I have no doubt that there is one or a Shaman among them.

You will have moments always connected to the dance, the trance and the cosmogony of the Mongolian wheel, and divinations .

We will travel by Mongolian train to a very powerful place to refocus: on the very strong point of energy named SHAMBALA in the Gobi and yes the desert is still strong and present , we will go to the Khamar monastery held by nuns where we meditate to the sound of prayers, they will share with us the Ritual of the Stones.

This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in shamanic lands and I am very happy to open it for you.




The Audience : This immersion is reserved for adults, who are open to the experience of trance, altered states of consciousness and a bodily approach to experimentation, and a preference will be opened on the squares available for those who have crossed the curriculum Les Danses de la shaman®™. Open to practitioners in shamanism and those who have experienced the ways of being open because it is an initiation course .

Practices of shamanism according to the dry way no use of hypnotic substances

Use of musical instruments: drums, rattles, percussive instruments.


A list of things you need to buy will be sent to you after signing up with a logbook.

PASSEPORT VALID during the period of stay and one month beyond ,Vaccination pass valuable in the period VISA REQUIRED

It is advisable to pay your airfare in CB to benefit from repatriation insurance, otherwise you will be asked for a certificate of personal insurance.

BOOK PLANE: we’ll send you the recommandations after your registration to the process.

Tariff: 2500 euros every 15 days:

Arrhes and reservation: 400 euros

Are included in the price: the shamanic process, the accompaniment and translation, every night in a hotel, yurts, camp, tents and equipment to set up the camp, welcoming the breeders, the monastery, the intervention of the shamans. logistics on the route: drivers, vehicles and petrol, Mongolian train ride back and forth, park entrance fees, visiting taxes: large museum and large monastery in Ulaanbaator Bator, the internal online journey back and forth to visit Enkhtuya;food: vegetarian meals cooked on site and drinking water.

Are not included the airfare return, your pocket money, the offerings you will want to book possibly to our guests, visa fee .

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Flo kardinal

Flo Kardinal aka Flo White Wolf is a choreographer and shaman, she has been working for 20 years in the field of Art and Human Resources, She works upon the Transe and the Wheel of Medecine. The artist creates within the TIR GROUPé Company. She founded the Art and Shamanism curriculum ©: LES DANSES DE LA CHAMANE ®™ Flo Kardinal is self-taught, she connects to the language of the body in the sense of her connections She conducts artistic and pedagogical actions with various institutions, and creates the protocol around tools of creation LA SECOUSSE LIBRE ®™ During her tours she often travels to Africa where she connects to magic. She was introduced to native American medicine especially the Apaches. In Mongolia, she meets Enkhtuya who offers to come and learn the rituals of Mongolian shamans On this occasion she goes through a strong initiation in the forest with her guides and ancestors where she wanders alone. This quest for impromptu vision will make her engage even more deeply in the path that is also hers that of the healers.


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