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An ART and Shamanism Project of the Tir Groupé Co.
The experience of the Quest for Vision/Quest of Sense in the Desert CONNECT TO YOUR STAR and enter your World of a Thousand and One Night
You will be welcomed in an idyllic place and adapted for COSMIC QUEST and connect to the primordial essence of your being.
The Desert is a great medicine. The 2 days and 2 full nights of isolated quest, prepared by the upstream rituals laid out by Flo Kardinal according to the shamanic principle, will constitute a unique and profound space of reconnection to your destiny, to your star to follow the cord between EARTH and SKY.
Diet set up during the process.
Trance, Dances, Shamanic Journeys, Hamman Ritual and THE Medicine Wheel Principle.
This experiment is based on the Dry Way , without additive substances
Limited places registrations on reservations


A detailed link will be sent to you upon request, as well as the suggestion of an airline and schedules to promote for your trip.
Price 1200 euros for 8 full days, all inclusive except the return trip and your personal money (information provided on request)

EXCEPTIONAL for Entry into the New Year 2020, the CODE « ETOILE » opens a special rate of 1000 euros the Quest for registration with payment of deposit before 30/01/2020.
Payment is available.

Quest guided by Flo Kardinal Artist and shaman
Flo Kardinal aka Flo White Wolf is a choreographer and shaman, she has been working for 20 years in the field of Art and Human Resources, Transe and The Wheel of Medicine, she creates within the Grouped Shooting Co. She is the founder of the Art and Shamanism curriculum ©: THE CHAMANE DANSES ®™ .

The facilitating team:
Magali Giudice holistic therapist in various massage techniques , has crossed the curriculum Les danses de La chamane®™.

Lachen founder of the Bivouac; member of the Tribe of Aaribs, a bather of a Bivouac in the desert and working for the preservation of the Berber culture and the Berbers of the camp.

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All the protocols of La Cie Tir Groupé are creations based on the technique created by Flo Kardinal La Secousse Libre They are as such registered and protected by the laws in force.

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